Free Psn Codes – No Human Verification Generator 2018

Free PSN Gift Card Codes Generator - No Human Verification

Free PSN Gift Card Codes Generator – No Human Verification

How To Get Free PSN Codes? – No Psn Code Generators 2018 {No Human Verification} No Hacks (Working Methods)

Hello guys! Hope you are doing amazingly well! I know you have been searching on GOOGLE for free PSN codes since days and finally you have arrived at this platform.

So today you will come to know about various things about how to get those so called free PSN codes. I am saying free because in today’s world nothing is available completely free of cost. You will have to perform certain task to get something you want. Now it is completely on your hard work about how easily you can get these free codes. You have to reach the smallest task so that it seems you got it for free.

But as they say that people have become greedy, there are many people on the internet who want to use this as an opportunity and make fake techniques to generate some traffic or hack into your accounts. So in this blog we will completely define about what is real and what is not. You will the best and the easiest ways to earn free PSN codes. And we assure you that the ways that we are going to mention to you people are completely legal and work 100%.

And it is up to you whether you want to read the section about scams and frauds or not. You can skip that section and come to the part of legitimate ways of earning free PSN codes no generators and no human verification.

About The PlayStation Network:

The play station network which is the complete full form of (PSN) is a platform for digital media entertainment that is provided by SONY.

It was earlier decided in 2006 that it will be launched only for consoles of video games made for the play station. But later on with the advancement of technology, this became popular among smart phones as well as high definition televisions.

This service solely aims on improving the gaming experience of the people and getting a better feel of the virtuality.

Ways To Get Free PSN Codes – No Human Verification Required

  1. Giveaways Websites:

Giveaway Websites For Free Playstation Codes

Giveaway Websites For Free Playstation Codes

This works on a two way benefit principle. There are many youtubers who come in collaboration with these free giveaway websites and when you sign up to these websites and subscribe to their channel you will get free PSN codes. Obviously at such a big platform there are so many games that you can get confused on which one is made for you and which one is not.

But still sometimes you make the wrong choice and pay. Now at such a young age parents do not provide money to buy these games or even you are not willing to pay such an amount for the sake of a game that is why these free codes are important.

And subscribing a youtube channel is not a very heavy task. In a single click and fraction of seconds you earn a gift card with a code so that you can buy another game without even paying a single penny for it.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the more popular and reputated channel you subscribe, there is a much more chance of getting a giveaway. So guys you should start following gaming channels and tech channels as they always come up with something real and a better probability to win.

Now you need not to spend your complete time on searching websites that are the source for free giveaways. But still guys if you know how to make advanced searches on google than you are eligible for this. Like you can search in the search bar of google as free psn codes: and you will get the results that involve free psn codes from the reddit website.

Free Psn Codes - Giveaway Methods

Free Psn Codes – Giveaway Methods

By using the above search, google will show you some of the best pages where you can find giveaways for PSN codes. You can also do it with twitter and other social media platform, all you have to do is change the website name in google search. i have added one page from twitter which having PSN codes Giveaway.

Some Examples Here :

Another important thing is that your search should be very much accurate. There is no benefit of earning a giveaway that has already been expired guys. So try searching for gift cards that are launched only one month earlier.

You can even purchase PSN codes and gift cards without even paying a single buck. Actually if you have a Visa gift card then you can actually exchange it with the retailers trading in PSN gift cards at cheaper rates. SO you can easily go for this. The same is applied for Amazon gift cards also. They can be exchanged for PSN gift cards.

Free PSN Codes With Cardpool Exchanges

Free PSN Codes With Cardpool Exchanges

CARDPOOL is one of the most popular website that is trading in this sector. You can exchange different kinds of cards here for the sake which one is important for you and which one is useless guys.

  1. PSN codes from point sites:

We have already mentioned about the generator in our previous blogs. We analysed how easily such people are earning by fooling you and earning up to 4 dollars per click.

Now to get free playstation codes you will have to do a small work like completing surveys or anything like that. Here the reward will come definitely for the work you are doing. It is just that you should have a link to original websites that are legitimate.

All you need to do is to register to such amazing websites get a login id and keep a track on the latest offers that are falling on you side because point sites do not only trade in PSN codes but also with gift cards of Amazon and all. So you should regularly check for your offers guys.

Many times such sites cannot be opened from certain locations. Although such locations are very rare and these sites can mostly be opened from anywhere but still if you are having a problem in opening these sites from your location, do not worry there is another way out for this also. You can set a proxy on your network for a famous country like US or France or Germany from where you are sure the site will definitely open.

Make sure a have US id to purchase these codes.

Some of the most famous and working sites are Prize rebel and point prizes.

Most of the times these sites are being unfair in some ways! It is so because they get most of the traffic from USA EUROPE and other developed areas so they start providing more offers in such countries and all.

Hence earning a gift card from such country is a lot more easier than your if you belong to such part of the world. Apart from this guys they also offer a technique by which you can earn more points.

The more friends you invite, the more is the chance of getting a gift card. The more friends you invite and the more they register you get bonus for each of click. Hence it is another easy way of earning PSN Gift Card codes.

  1. This one is another interesting one: Trading in codes

There are many social media platforms and groups that always give very valuable information about codes and all. So you should start searching for such groups as they regularly post information about offers and all.

Even if someone has a gift card that is of no use for him or her than you can actually take it from hum by paying a negligible amount. Apart from this suppose you have got a gift card that is of no use for you.

The first option is exchanging it. If you want a genuine card for Amazon or anything than you can go for this option.

And if you want to sell this card than Amazon, Ebay and reddit are the best platforms on which you can earn a descent amount.

Top GOOGLE results for FREE PSN CODES : Study Of Fraud Sites.

When you put it on the search engine that free PSN codes or generator, the results that come are mostly consisting of generators and all. But do you think opening these links are worth? It seems that they are at the top of the search engine than they must would be genuine and having something worth and working.

PSN Code Sites Along With Fake Generators Are Most Commonly Fraud Sites. Don’t Use Them.

But the truth is they are all SCAMS and made in such a way to make you fall in their trap. The generators do not work at all. They just create a beautiful and attractive page and you give your personal bank details in expectation that you will get some amount that can be redeemed into your PSN account but ultimately they are making you fall in their trap.

So guys another important fact is that even opening such links can be bad for you because sometimes they use scripts that get executed once you open their link. And these scripts execute a remote Trojan hoarse that can give a backdoor control of your device.

And the developers of such websites are no other than Black Hat SEO experts and they use these techniques to make their sites trend at the top.

But most of the people have no idea of this SEO and all and hence they open the link give their details and ultimately they are pissed and fooled.

The hack sites For PSN code generator : All Are Big FAKE

Such attractive websites start with the main page with containing information about the amount of the gift card you want whether it is $10 dollar or $25 dollars. But the main scam starts when you click on the generate option.

Free PSN Codes Generator 2018 - These Are Fake Sites

Free PSN Codes Generator 2018 – These Are Fake Sites

Once they put their id and click generate they get a message like entering into the SONY play station database and hence decrypting the codes and redeeming into your accounts. Once this step is completed they ask you to fill a short survey and when you fill this, you are done and the scam is complete.

This survey completion gives the owner of the website a certain amount but you get nothing out of it.

The Chain Link websites For Free PSN Codes

The kind of link these websites use is chain link. How do they work is very simple. They show a partially visible code to you that in you will get when you promote the link given to you up to 20 people. The new websites even include features about how many people have clicked from your reference.

Free PSN Codes Generator Sites - Chain Linked Sites - FAKE

Free PSN Codes Generator Sites – Chain Linked Sites – FAKE

Once again this is another very interesting black hat technique. They are just making traffic on their website and their site is being optimised at the top of the search engine. Not only this have they also earned a certain amount of money paid by GOOGLE ADSENSE.

But do not worry as GOOGLE has started taking action against such websites and all. They are even making fine on such people. But still news ways are always found so it better to be alert and not opening such sites that include generators and all. This will also promote a good traffic to good websites only.

Another way is interstitial links:

When you are surfing on internet you find certain attractive links like 10 ways to get free PSN codes. When you click on the URL you are forced to see an advertisement for 30 second or more. Once you click on skip option you are redirected to another website.

So it is all a scam and way of earning money using SEO. Hence you should try to avoid opening such links. Apart from this sometimes harmful files are also installed on your device that give backdoor access to your device and hence your personal details.

Sometimes malwares are installed automatically that slow your computer. So best is to not to open them.

Everything in the world comes with a cost. It can be real cost or the cost of efforts. Buying with money is sometimes doesn’t seem to be a good idea. That’s why doing some efforts in earning it, won’t make it big deal. We endorse the methods given above as they are most feasible and the genuine ones.

You can use them as they are credible enough and the results are 100% sure. We remind you again to not to get into the stupidity of hack and generators coz they are of no use and make no sense at all. You efforts and time will be wasted nothing else.

The PSN codes are very much guaranteed in these methods. None of your privacy will be hampered in these methods.  We hope you get amazing time while using the codes. In case you don’t know how to use the codes. Here are the steps:

  1. Open you PSN account
  2. Go to your wallet section
  3. Enter the code that you have been given
  4. Now check, your account must have been accredited with the amount of the amount of the code that was given.

Conclusion :

So This article was delivered about PSN codes and how to get them with legitimate ways, there was some Fake websites where you can easily subscribe or fall victim to the scams. There are such sites which claim they can give you unlimited free psn codes too, Never trust on false promises.

If you really thing we have delivered good information about the working ways to get free playstation codes and gift cards, please do share it with your friends.

Also If you facing any troubles or if you have any questions in your mind, you can ask us and we will surely reply you.